Hi everyone.

Hoping for some advice.

I look after dm500s for my parents and my brothers and sisters but am stuck with two of them.

Usually when their lines change, satellites move or every so often after a few months things stop working - I end up taking the boxes back, reflashing to the most up to date version of Commando and sending them away happy.

However on this occasion something else is happening.

All channels and menus etc work fine at my house.

When the boxes are setup at their house - they dont work properly, connections are fine as is internet speed and connection.
On one box (my fathers) Irish Channels and Sly Sports dont work yet BTEE Sports and Movies do? (BT Infinity broadband) It doesnt appear to be a cam problem as it shows some sort of "Channel Error" message
At my sisters no paid channels work. (BT Standard Broadband)

Only thing i havent tried yet is to bring the power adaptor from my house to theirs.
Could a dish aligment problem cause some to work perfectly but others not to work at all

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance