Hi All,
I'm working on this car, the goal is to do a soft tuning, just to slightly improve response in acceleration, and remove EGR.
I've read the original file with MPPS but as it's well known the file is 2MB but the first part is empty, so maps are available but it's not usable.
I've then done some search for the original file, I've found the two attached files, but there's just a small difference between this two files, someone can help me understand what's the difference and if I can use both of them? Differences are in the first part, the one empty in my read, the second part is the same in this two files and in my one read with MPPS.
The other file in attachment is my mod, EGR removed with VOLTA and some tuning.
Can I safely write this file?


Bosch Hardware Number: 1037A50316
Bosch Software Number: 0281014024
Opel Software Number: 5520562
Engine Type: Z19DT