Hi, I would be very grateful for your help regarding a problem with my Xtrend 9200 receiver.

Since last week, upon startup, i am unable to receive any channels. I have a 'Tune failed!' message appear
on screen. After switching off then on again i get the same problem so i am unable to receive any channels.
The same problem exists after i flash different images.

On a couple of occasions having left the receiver on a channel where the Tuner A indicator appears in green (not yellow)
i have found after many hours that the channel is received. Unfortunately once i switch the receiver to standby or sometimes
change channel i get the 'Tuner failed!' message again. This problem continues and i cannot receive any channels now.

I read there is an address somewhere in Germany where i can send the receiver to be fixed. Does anybody know is this is correct and what the address is please?

Many thanks if you can help me.