Why did I bought a Pickit3 programmer?
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    Default Why did I bought a Pickit3 programmer?

    A few months ago I purchased several devices from a chinese seller, this is the list:

    • Autel MaxiScan MS509
    • Vgate Scan Tool VS890
    • Delphi DS150E
    • XPROG
    • CarProg
    • FGTech Galletto
    • Kess + KTag
    • BDM100
    • KWP2000+
    • MPPS v16
    • Lexia 3 PP2000
    • Renault Can Clip

    I don't know why I bought all that stuff, I don't really need it, I just wanted the DS150E but you know how it is, you start clicking "add to cart" and end up with all sort of crap. Anyway, when I received the package I checked all the items, and I see that I also ordered a J-link V9 programmer (I know I bought it in case I needed to repair kess/ktag), an ST Link programmer (in case I needed to repair delphi/tcs cdp), but I also bought a pickit3 programmer, and I can't remember why the hell I bought that.

    I checked the chatlog with the seller and it seems I asked for a programmer for a PIC18F458, but after some googling all I found is that the opcom interface uses that pic, and I don't even own that.

    I want to sell half of this stuff, since I wont use it and I could even make some profit because in my country this is pretty expensive, even clones. I am going to keep the ST Link since I am keeping the delphi ds150e, but I don't know if I should keep the pickit3 since idk why I bought it for.

    Why did I buy it? Does any of the devices on the list uses that pic?

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