Ps4 move controller not charging
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    Default Ps4 move controller not charging

    Hi guys

    im having a little trouble withone of my move controllers

    basically it will not charge when plugged into either the ps4 directly or the ps4 controller docking station.

    the red light flashes like its charging when i plug it into a charge source

    if i plug the move into the ps4 directly it comes on and works !!
    but as soon as the usb cable is removed boom dead

    ive bought a new battery and put it in there and exactly same

    so i tried the fully charged battery from my working move... wont turn on with that battery ! plug it into ps4 and it turns on

    i put the battery from the faulty move into my working move and it powers up ok with it !

    im thinking something between the battery terminals to the mcu !

    anyone any ideas ??


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    sounds like the same issue im having which could be a firmware bug
    try and reset the mover controller

    If your Move controller doesn't turn on after being charged, it might just be in need of a reset. small reset button on the back. You will need a pin, a paperclip
    Just press and hold for a few seconds before releasing.



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