Hi all,

I've come across a problem with my "two routers" communicating together.
My main router is a Super hub 2 (Virgin), and my second router is a D-link dir-615 D2. The D-link has the DD-WRT firmware which will allow me to create a repeater bridge. I followed a youtube video showing how to set it up both routers. I did the setup about 10 months ago and it worked a treat. It was great, I had my super hub downstairs and the d-link upstairs. Last week the D-link was down? wasn't connecting to super hub? So I went through the steps again and nothing worked? I even reset the d-link and nothing. I even reinstalled DD-WRT, went through the steps again and nothing.

Can anyone advice me why the D-link won't communicate anymore? I've must've tried nearly 20 times and nothing!

Many thanks