** Neg. Repping Newbies **
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    Default ** Neg. Repping Newbies **

    Hi guys,

    Could I kindly ask everyone to cut new members some slack,in introducing themselves in languages other than English

    I know it's in the rules,but most of the time new guys are only really finding their way around the site

    If they persist in using native languages in threads later on,just gently remind them in the thread,or via PM...Most people will cop on fairly quick then

    I think it's a poor looking reflection on the forum,when every second new member has loads of red bars to their names

    Thanks for reading this

    Aaahh ! I love the smell of Eeprom in the morning...

    " We'll come in low out of the rising sun, and about a mile out, we'll put on the music . . . "

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