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    Default I have problems to restore the system to a previous

    Dear friends, I need your help. I have problems to restore the system to a previous point in windows 7 32.
    Will it be possible to obtain a solution to this case? what could have happened since it does not let me restore and when I try I get a message that can be seen in the image.
    thanks for your help
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    Not sure if this will help but if you have anything on your pc by Symantec or Norton then try the following which i found on
    microsoft web site ----
    I have felt all along that this issue was due to either Symantec’s PGP disk encryption or Norton Ghost product. Symantec did not ever offer any acknowledgement that these products could be the origin of my failed System Protection. Before I started this final corrective effort, I made sure that all Symantec products had been uninstalled to whatever extent necessary. I then manually deleted every directory and subdirectory from my C: drive that was named either Symantec or Norton. This included any files in those directories. Finally, I opened regedit and search the registry for “Symantec” or “Norton” and manually deleted every top-level key found. (Note, I had backed up the registry before this activity). There were a few legacy keys that I could not delete because of permission issues. However, they were few in number and I was able to delete numerous other entries. Once complete, I restarted the computer, opened the System Protection tab under System Properties and the “System Restore”, “Configure” and “Create” buttons were no longer greyed out. The “Available” drives box resolved and displays my C: drive now. I created a manual restore point to test and the restore point was created in a matter of seconds. I believe this issue is now resolved.



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