Sony Vizio won't power on after sitting in storage
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    Default Sony Vizio won't power on after sitting in storage

    Any electronic or tv repair techs can give me a idea where to start it won't power up n power cycling won't change it....once the Vizio logo lit up but only once

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    I am no tech neither an electrician, i've seen ur post and thought i'll give my opinion, sorry if it won't help you tho.

    You said the TV sit for a while in storage, and based on the month we are in, i assume it was cold where the TV sat, did you moved the TV in a warmer room and fired it right up, or you gave it time to dry up ? it might have produced condensation, maybe not visible on the outside but on the inside, and you shorted it.
    the logo you've seen for a short time was a good indicator.

    Second thought would be, you have puffed/broken capacitors. If you can take off the cover and take look if you see any visible damage on the back of it, BE CAREFUL TO TAKE OUT THE POWER CORD and NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING THAT CONTAINS VOLTAGE.

    Sorry if my answer are somehow irrelevant to ur problem.
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