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    Default Siemens iQ500-E35 on the lcd, what it mean?

    I have a Siemens iQ500 with an error E35 on the lcd.
    Can somebody help me what for is this error?
    I checked on the net but I got several different results.

    The most adequate result would be a door unlocking problem because when this
    error appeared the first time I got also an E61 error, but after turning off and on
    the washing machine that E61 disappeared.
    So now only the E35 is on the lcd.

    When I turn on the machine and select some program,
    the locking mechanism is clicking 3x and then the E35 is on the lcd.

    I removed the electronic lock from the machine and checked it but I can't find
    any faulty things in it.
    The 3 terminals are in good shape, the powering to the terminal 2 & 3 is 220v which should also be correct.

    Any idea where should I search for the problem?
    Or maybe any schematic for this machine?

    I'm not a technician for this type of electronics but I'm an el.eng. so I assume I can do the most simple task
    if anybody can help me with some info who knows how a washing machine this type is working or have some
    relevant data about the error.

    The attached pic is the electronic door lock disassembled.

    Thank you very much.

    I wish to all of you HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    My best regards.
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    Not sure if this helps but most electric devices get "stuck" in the programme they are doing if fault occurs.

    bit like you go on dK to check one post, then your in a continuous loop.
    only way out is when iShit got flat.

    so, no idea on your machine but select "drain out" should last 2, mins, in therory tests the pump, door lock
    abd elminated the heaters.

    some machines use circuit thro t motor, motor goes bad, no circuit no door lock

    see if motor commutator clogged with dK thanks and unread posts
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