Just the heads up guys.
I have a skybet account not used very often on the morning of the 5th February someone login to the account using the user name and pin number transferred 50 into the account from my bank account the transferred it out to a metro account, Sky then suspended the account, when I noticed the money missing today I contacted the bank.

Bank tell me a 10, 20 and 20 were used on skybet at 4:30 am 5th February
I telephone skybet they tell me that the money was deposited.
They then tell me it was transferred out to a metro account last four digits on card 9909 , NOT MINE
They suspended the account after other cards were added.

I asked them why they had paid the money out then suspended the account, no answer.
I asked them the name on the metro account the used my name, I asked do you cross reference the name on the card and account they said no
I asked how can someone hack an account when the last time I used it was January 7th
He said they must have sat there trying different pin numbers until they got it right,

Anyone with a skybet account who users a pin number to login, change it to a very long password.