Hi guys,

Francesco is writing from Italy. I found this beautiful community a long time ago and since then I always look here when I'm looking for something special.

Cars. Cars are my passion, I love all about cars: sport cars, classic cars, all-days cars, and so on. My car is Volkswagen Polo 9N 2004, really nice and solid-built car with a pleasant-to-drive engine (quiet and not so fast really, but soooooo smooth and progressive) and a great electrical system obviously, especially if I consider it's a model introduced in 2001. It's for this car I decided to register to the forum, I'd like to learn something new about car electronics and to solve some problems I'm having with recent upgrades done to my car.
That's all for now, I'll write about these problems asap.

I forgot to say my English is quite poor, it's just scholastic English. I hope it's sufficient just to understand what I'm saying.