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    A Few Tips On How To Keep Your Microwave Clean

    Say you just purchased the best microwave product currently on the market or from Amazon, and you love to use it every day to cook your favorite food. As time goes on, you will notice your microwave starts to gather grease and food waste, and you don’t know what to do. Fear not: here are 5 simple tips for cleaning your microwave and keeping it that way.

    Prevent Food From Spilling

    Whenever you put a dish of food into your microwave, make sure you have covered your food with plastic wrap or a paper towel beforehand so that your food doesn’t spilling when it pops from the heat, allowing you to have an easier time cleaning the microwave.

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    Wipe Your Microwave Daily, From Inside Out

    You probably think wiping the microwave case is enough, but you would be wrong. The dirtiest place is inside the microwave since your food often spills from the dish and food oils transfer. In other words, you have to clean the inside of the microwave frequently and make it a habit; this way, you can also extend your microwave’s life.

    Steam Cleaning

    Well, now that you have to clean, you are probably thinking about which kind of tools you should use. It’s not all that complicated; you just need a few cups or a bowl of water. Place them in the microwave, then heat it up for a while; you will notice the steam will slowly fill up the inside.Yes, we will use water steam to clean; after the microwave is filled up, leave it for a few minutes.

    When the steam has done its work, use a mitt to carefully take out the water containers, and use a paper towel or damp sponge to wipe any dirty spots inside the microwave. It should be a breeze to do.

    Erase The Smell

    There are a few ways of doing this:The first one is to place a bowl with a tablespoon of vinegar mixed with water in the microwave and then heat it up. After a few minutes, it should be done. Take note that vinegar's smell is very strong, so mind the amount; 1 tablespoon is enough.
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    Next, put a tablespoon of water in a safe place in the microwave. Cut a lemon in half, then put it upside down on the spoon. After heating for 1 minute, remove the lemon, then continue with the trick above.Another trick is to use baking soda mixed with water to do the job. You can also replace it with bottled lemon juice.

    Mind Your Safety

    As you can see, most of the tips involve hot water, so you should be focused and careful while handling it.Always use an oven mitt to move the hot water container.

    Make sure the container has a wide mouth so that the steam can escape. Tight spaces can lead to an explosion, and you don't want that.Furthermore, keep a safe distance from the microwave; you wouldn’t wish to encounter an unfortunate accident face first, would you?


    Cleaning your microwave frequently and after using it will keep the product in tip-top shape and spotless. It also helps to ward off bacteria and extend the lifetime of your microwave.

    There is maybe some other way of cleaning that is not mentioned here. You can check the top best of reviews by users on Amazon; maybe some of them can be helpful and leave their own way of cleaning in the review.
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