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    Default Why I think Hazard should stay.

    Hello everyone,

    Firstly, I am a chelsea fan so that is one reason .
    The real reason is what Iím going to call the Courtois affect. Now I am probably wrong, but hear me out. Remember Courtois for, us chelsea fans? Undoubtly 2nd best keeper in prem, inches behind De Gea. Accepted a move to real in the summer and look how well thatís got him. The Madrid fans are hating him and want Navas back. He has become sloppy recently and will soon drop from being top 5 goalkeepers to being somewhere on Lenoís level.
    Also, I believe Madrid should grow Asensio. Heís a good player with some good potential and in a few years, growing him would of saved them however much they spent on hazard. Still, the dealís done and it will be sad to see one of our best players leave, but bring in the new. Canít wait to see Pulisicís performances. Iíd like us to sign a young, promising striker as well, Like Arp or Rashford.

    Thank you!
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