Hello, I would like to buy some diagnosis for my "fun", odometer correction firstly, 2nd a programming key device ( It has to be for ford, renault/dacia, vag group, bmw/mercedes if possible) via OBD. Also I want to find out the pin code to acces the IMMO, also I would like to find some pdf to see the supported cars( I find on official site but I did not find something clearly). Also I am going for clone version from aliexpress. By the way I found that Digipro3 4.94 is the most suitable for my needs, followed by caprog, fvdi v2018,t300, ck-100, x-tool x100 pro,mpps, super-vag k+can plus 2.0.

For key programming I found SBB V48.99 +Mini ZedBull. Can you explain me which is best for me ? I also need for golf 5 Variant 2009 year, I do not know which cluster is has, it is the original one.

All of this it is opperated by obd or I have to attach some adapters to ECU ?

Thanks, I am a newbie in this forum