Stage 1 on a audi a3 2.0tfsi 2006 please
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    Default Stage 1 on a audi a3 2.0tfsi 2006 please

    Long story short,

    I had a remap i paid about 220 from the uk that came to me. A few people in this group had told me it was the worst remap. They were right. My engine now knocks and the chain tentioner failed and compression low on one cylinder. In other words its finished. This was my pride and joy that i have now lost. The person that did this remap in the uk has closed his phone so i cannot contact. I had sold the car today to a family member that is willing to put a new engine.

    I today purchased a Audi A3 DSG 2.0TFSI petrol. Please can someone here if they have time to do me a stage 1. The car is standard.

    I have included the ID and Read.

    I will leave thanks in return.

    Thank you.
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