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    Differences Between A Whetstone And A Knife Sharpener

    As you might know, there are 2 kinds of knife sharpening tools for keeping your blades in tip-top shape: whetstones and knife sharpeners. But which one is best? Thatís going to depend on your preferences.

    ▬ Below, we will tell you about the main aspects of the 2 tools.

    For more reviews Information please read:


    Whetstones for your knives

    ▬ Whetstones are an old, traditional way of sharpening your knife. They can help you sharpen and refine any dull knives you have in your arsenal.

    ▬ When you wish to purchase a whetstone, be sure to buy a stone with two sides: a coarse side and a fine side. This will help you to be flexible in sharpening your knives based on your needs.

    ▬ With the coarse side, which should be around 1500 grit, you can turn a dull or chipped knife into a sharp one with just a few strokes. But that won't be enough, as you need to finish it with a finer edge for faster cutting purposes. That is where the finer side comes in; featuring a high amount of grit (about 6000), it can make the edge thinner and sharper.

    ▬ Before you do anything, make sure to soak the whetstone in household oil or light machine oil. Although some models donít need you to do this step, it is still recommended that you do so. If you skip this step, just remember to wipe the surface of the stone with a towel before using it to get rid any grime, grit, and dirt that might accumulate when the whetstone is stored.

    ▬ While the whetstone is quite easy to use, you are still required to read the manual and practice so that you don't hurt yourself. You can utilize the help of an angle guide if you are a rookie. Unless you are a pro, it is not advisable to use your thumb as a guide.

    ▬ Here are some of the best of products available on the market: Sharp Pebble Premium Knife Sharpening Stone and BearMoo Whetstone.

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    Knife sharpener for a simple job

    ▬ A knife sharpener is made of traditional steel or diamond steel. While it does not help much in sharpening a dull knife, it is very easy to use and requires almost no learning to start.

    ▬ Knife sharpeners come in 2 types: electric and manual.

    ▬ To start sharpening, put your blades in between the crack of the tools. Hold your tools tightly and pull the knife back with one smooth motion, making sure to curve at the tip. Rinse and repeat until you think your knife is sharp enough.

    ▬ While it cannot help to make the blades any finer, it is safe, user-friendly, convenient, and needs almost no maintenance for any sharpening purposes. Also note that it is harder to break apart if you accidentally drop it, unlike the whetstone, which is prone to shatter.

    ▬ Some examples that are currently the Best of reviews : SunrisePro Manual Knife Sharpener and Wusthof PEtec Electric Sharpener.


    ▬ So, which one is the best? I am sure there will be no answer, as both of them can serve many different purposes. Whetstones can be used to repair dull knives and make them even finer and sharper, while steel sharpeners are easier to use, and you can sharpen many knives in a short time.

    ▬ Typically, a whetstone costs a lot more than a steel sharpener, but there are some whetstone models that are pretty low in price. Make sure to check the existing Amazon Reviews for more details about the tools you plan to purchase.
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