renewed newbie looking for advice
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    Default renewed newbie looking for advice

    Six maybe seven years ago i had a kryptview box which happily gave me all the channels using vermin, then when Nag 3 was released the box became useless and the other half demanded sky.
    Now after paying for sky all these years, i want out, and as my new place has all the vermin connections i was considering going back to *********' now that sky is getting more expensive.

    From what i understand about these boxes is that not only do i buy a box i also have to buy a ***** as they are advertised on a certain auction site. I have BB access so if thats the case then fine.

    But how the hell do i go about it?

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    you have to get the box updated to the latest version, that then enables you to enter your **** details : i.e. get it updated before you splash any dosh.

    have a look through this forum -- all you need is there !


    may have read your post wrong (thought you wanted to use the kryptvew) :: look at getting a Zgemma H2H, then google is your friend
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