Audi S4 -sport differential system fault
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    Default Audi S4 - differential system fault

    Hi , Audi S4 with “differential system fault“, need detect where is the fault
    I think it is very likely that the module software is damaged (with this DTC in AWD module: "0325 - Internal Control Module Memory Check Sum Error"
    The other one that doubts me is the ABS (the soft or coding). VCDS don't recognize the labels - Labels: None.
    I see HERE that same ABS HW: 8K0 907 379 AN but with other SW: 8K0 907 379 CA is detected as labels: 8K0-907-379-V1.clb
    And HERE the same HW y SW - 8K0 907 379 AN is detected as Labels 8K0-907-379.clb (In VCDS Labels folder, I have only the two files: 8K0-907-379-V1.clb and 8K0-907-379-V2.clb
    I have checked the connectors and connection to the module and all are OK (+12V [30 &15], GND, CAN-H and CAN-L with oscilloscope)
    If I take another 2nd hand with same HW & SW numbers, does it have to be long coding or can direct mout without coding?

    Any help is welcome!

    Post the VCDS Log
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