hi boys,
im a technician at peugeot and recently we had a problem with the update on some of our bsi boxes

the problem was and are that on some updates there's a bug that vergenizd the bsi and some of my colleagues that don't to that preidure regularly did some rong when the did type the confidencial code in diagbox ... some did write the color code and some the 5 first letters of customers names

end of stoys... so now as a technician do i have 5-6 of those bsi boxes with the immo locked and don't know how to get them verginzd

my question is what hardware do i need to get ? ... i have a mpps v18 =)
what software do i need to learn ?
how the f##k do i do ?

if there's a poost done before in "detail" please send link !

tnx =)