Opinion: 90hz display is more important than cameras!!
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    Default Opinion: 90hz display is more important than cameras!!

    At least for Individuals like me who don't take many videos and just have a bunch of pictures of my cat in my Google photos album. I guess I'm coming out as a loner with this post .

    The 90hz display is a usability feature that you notice all the time and is difficult to go back to a 60hz display. It positively effects the enjoyment of the device for me more than having 4k 60fps video because I hardly take video. It's just a better more prevalent day to day feature I'm going to notice significantly more than a wide angle lense. Just like people state that Google should be ashamed that their 900 dollar phone doesn't come with a third camera lense, Samsung and Apple should be ashamed that their 1000 dollar phones don't come with a 90hz display at this point.

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    People would rather have better methods of capturing memories through photos, videos etc. A 90/120hz display are so silky smooth, however it's only a usability feature as you said. I'd rather have better abilities to get memories



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