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    Default Best Coolers for The Money: The Top Five on The Market

    Who doesn’t love outdoor activities? Spending the weekends with your loved ones in the park or by the lake is always great. Whether you’re already a regular fan of camping, fishing, rowing, biking, mountain climbing, and the like or if you’ve just started to participate in these activities; you know how important it is to keep your refreshments under ideal conditions.

    Buying the right cooler for your needs, however, might be a challenge as there are many brands of different sizes and types on the market, which makes it confusing for many. Some are expensive; others come at a more reasonable price. All of them seem right as they’re advertised as best rated coolers - Top rated coolers reviews. Which one should you go with?

    You would not want to spend a fortune on a cooler that ends up collecting dust in the corner of your warehouse. Similarly, you do not wish to see someone in your camping group getting food poisoning because of a low-quality cooler. With all this in mind, we’ve done the hard work of researching and compiling a list of best coolers for the money below. Let’s dive right in!

    1. Thermik Cooler

    An outstanding product from a newish cooler manufacturer! It should be on the top of the mind of those looking for good small coolers or medium-sized coolers. This beast is rugged and durable thanks to Thermik’s rotational molding technique. Also, the thick urethane insulation ensures that it holds temperature just as good as its nearest competitors of the same size. The good news is it comes at a more affordable price. Sounds great?

    But how long is its ice life? You might ask. Well, its insulation ability depends on the volume you choose, like in almost all cases. Currently, Thermik has three sizes: 25 quarts, 4 5quarts, and 75 quarts. For the smallest size, it can keep your contents cold for up to 60 hours. Its 45-quart size can hold ice for 85 hours while its biggest size provides you with fresh and cold refreshments for 5.5 days!

    Thermik coolers have another beneficial feature, which is the relief valve, making it easy to get the lid open. A high-quality product with a progressive
    design. We’re sure it will be your outdoor trips’ best friend for years!

    2. RTIC 45 Quart Cooler

    A rotomolded cooler that was built with three-inch insulated walls to keep your beverages and drinks fresh and cold for more than a week. What is more, it’s watertight, thanks to the super-tight seal gasket and the extremely sturdy latches. We also love the fact that the RTIC puts its customers’ convenience first when they provide two types of carrying. You can either carry it by the rope handles or the molded side handles. Cool enough to stay on the list of good small coolers?

    RTIC’s coolers are about ten years younger than Yeti – one of the most well-known cooler companies on the market. However, we’re not surprised at all if RITC’s products are on the list of top-rated coolers for camping. Its ice life is excellent while it comes at a more reasonable price than Yeti.

    The RTIC 45-quart cooler can fit 36 cans and 40 lbs. of ice or 11.25 gallons, which means it can be the perfect choice for any outdoor activities with a group of friends for a few days.

    3. Rovr Rollr 60 Quart Cooler

    You’re probably thinking: why spend big bucks on the Rovr Rollr 60-quart cooler? Is that because of their wheels? You’re right! But one can get so many other wheeled coolers at a much more reasonable price. Well, yes! However, there is one thing that you probably haven’t heard of. Not every wheeled cooler is built equally.

    We’ve known of coolers with wheels that unfortunately become a burden when you’re dragging them through uneven terrain. Some cooler companies might not pay as enough attention to the wheels as they do to the coolers themselves. Fair enough! They’re cooler companies. And isn’t that why their products can stay on the list of ice cooler reviews for so long?

    The quality of the Rovr Rollr 60 cooler is unsurpassed over the years thanks to its high-performing wheels. Its pneumatic 9-inch rubber tires with interchangeable tubes are indispensable. Put differently, this cooler is the easiest to pull around for real adventurers out there, and thus, it’s worth the money!

    4. Igloo Yukon 50 Quart Cooler

    The Igloo Yukon 50-quart cooler is another one-piece rotational molded cooler that is sure to stay on the list of best-rated coolers. It’s built to withstand harsh outdoor environments, resist against anything being thrown at them. Also, Igloo uses Cool Riser Technology to improve its cooler performance. It’s constructed of rust-resistant 304 stainless steel, which is capable of minimizing direct contact with hot surfaces. Your perishables are, therefore, kept cold much longer.

    Notably, its hinges, hardware, and dual lid locks are stainless steel, keeping this cooler away from wild animals. We also notice that Igloo includes in this cooler “stable grip integrated” handles, which means it’s much easier for those wearing gloves. You know, grasping the rope handles of traditional coolers is a real challenge if you’re wearing gloves.

    Igloo Yukon 50-quart cooler is not only a tough and rugged cooler but also easy to carry with secure and flexible rubber latches. What is more, it’s reasonably priced with a five-year warranty.

    5. Coleman 62 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler

    If you’re keen on a classic yet affordable design, one that is large enough to hold around 95 cans for five days, then this is your cooler. Whether you’re going on a three-day road trip or a long weekend by the river, this wheeled cooler would be one of the best ice chests to choose from. Its heavy-duty wheels and sturdy two-way tow handles allow you to roll it over any terrain at ease.

    Coleman utilizes “XtremeŽ” technology for this cooler’s insulated lid and walls to enhance its ice life. Moreover, this American cooler company also includes the “Have-A-Seat™” lid so that you can always have a place to sit once you arrive at your destination. Considering the price, we think Coleman has gone the extra mile to mold the cup holders into the lid. Now all you need for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure is all set! Your fresh food is ready; your cold drink is right there! Can’t wait for a better party!

    The bottom line

    Durable and portable coolers make great outdoors even greater. As for the budget, there’s no point spending a few hundred dollars on a big-sized cooler that you came across on the reviews of top rated coolers for camping while you usually spend time for afternoon picnics with your partner.
    That said, it’s always recommended to know your needs first before clicking the buy button. We hope we’ve provided you with some useful information so you can pick the most appropriate cooler for your next trip. Feel free to leave us comments down below and click the share button if you like this post!
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