help remote control ezs mercedes w169
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    Default help remote control ezs mercedes w169

    good evening
    I ask for your help because I am annoyed
    with a Mercedes class A W169
    here is the concern is that centralization does not work
    I did several tests
    I got another mercedes that does centralization the same

    by changing esz without just reprogramming the connection the centralization works again but does not start normal

    the problem comes from ezs or the key until ok

    I have avdi and the virgin avdi which can reprogram the same key as many times as necessary

    I reprogram an additional key on each ezs
    to see

    with ezs original new key starts but still no centralization

    with ezs occasion the new starting key is centralization works

    I tested the keys if it give the radio frequency
    yes it gives all 433mhz

    so the problem is not the keys

    I then clone the 2 EZS PART eeprom

    result is the same centralization works only with the ezs occasion file
    and originate cloning with other gives the same result

    so it's not ezs in itself
    I'm not cloning the flash
    only eeprom

    so the problem is normally found by elimation on eeprom
    origin that does not centralize

    because ezs origin I have cloned eeprom from another and the centralization works again but with another car

    ezs origin works is does not break physically
    the proof

    my original eeprom is therefore the culprit

    please try to fix it
    thank you

    I enclose the 2 dump of the esz

    ezs 1695451508
    mask 3l40k
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