Hello guys,
I am a do-it-yourself kinda guy, but not that much into phone repairing, though a display replacement in my opinion was not such a big deal. It turns out that i messed up my phone.
Let me give you the entire story so you can direct me to a final solution.
1: Huawei Honor 9 6Gb with 129 Gb storage - brilliant phone (my humble opinion)
2: it already has 2 years with me
From time to time it was restarting by itself but did not bothered me at all, still it was running well.
3: I damaged my display and bought a new one (not original-cheaper -1st mistake)
4: Using tutorials started to dismantle the phone - all good until battery, well, there i kinda buckled and bended the battery)
5: all back together and since then I have the following symptoms:
- appeared some lines on the phone and then it restarts 6-7 times in row
- if i manage to start it up, if a open 2 or 3 apps, or the camera it starts rebooting.
- now it can not be used any more sometimes it starts sometime not.

My question will be:
I found a kit of display and battery original just need to put back the mainboard and the cameras and back panel.
- Is this problem from the mainboard? loose connection made by me? battery issue? display issue?
I want to ask if i should buy the repair kit that includes the battery and the display, or not? (when mounting I did not apply any grease on the mainboard)
Thank you very much!