Isolated DC-DC converter 14v to 4.2v?
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    Default Isolated DC-DC converter 14v to 4.2v?

    I made android HU for car with android tablet, but I have problem with ground loop noise... I had already installed isolator between amplifier and tablet, it is better, but noise is still there... and yes, I didn`t use cheap one.

    Problem goes away if I power tablet from different power source, so I would need isolated DC-DC ajdustable step down converter to drop voltage from 13-14v (car voltage) to 4.2v (I have tablet hardwired to battery input on motherboard, dropping voltage to 4.2v with buck converter).

    I need to use switched converter because tablet is powered all the time, when car is off tablet just goes to stand-by. I have 80mA draw and I really don`t want to go higher... so linear voltage regulator is not an option.

    So with that in mind, does anyone know where would I get isolated adjustable DC-DC switched voltage converter that would suit 13-14v input and 4.2v min 2A output? Or how could I create filtering circuit either on 13-14v or 4.2v side.
    I searched alot with google, but I can`t find anything.

    Thank you for help
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