Hi guys forgive me for my poor english

I no longer have the original airbag ECU from this Mercedes Sprinter W906

The Bosh airbag ECU is 0285011400 _ A9069005701 I have a clean spare one from other MB Spinter same reference...

But when tested on the car there is still one "91B4 error" => 91B4 - The key ID stored in control unit N2/7 (Restraint systems control unit) is not identical with that received by control unit N73 (EZS/EIS control unit)

I did not find any VIN in this eeprom dump so I suppose, to work fine I have to write the key SSID in the airbag ecu dump to fit the one that is stored in EZS/EIS dump

My question is : could someone help me by telling me which airbag dump addresses to write these bytes to ?

Or if I can get a totally new virgin dump from a new ECU Bosch 0285011400 / Mercedes A9069005701 I should then configure by OBD as a new one

Thank you very much for your help or any other idea or information to solve this problem