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    Exclamation Best photo viewer

    It's f stop,has unique features not found in others and is regularly updated --

    1.custom sort photos scroll position and zoom of each pic
    3.lock position and zoom

    Similar apps i tested are -- gallery plus,a+ gallery,dv gallery,ai gallery,simple gallery pro,gallery no ads,gallery picture gallery,
    gallery pro,gallery365,gallery hd.

    I completely think and that too at once and work,therefore u can't go wrong with my app suggestions.
    Lot of patience.

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    I enjoy photographing families in leafy green environments, because the greenery is very fresh and wholesome looking. Blue sky and white sandy beaches are also great for families. Whilst the golden hues of autumnal forests feel cosy for families, colorful graffitied walls are great for teen and fashion shoots. All of these are good places for a photoshoot – the suitability of a location depends on the type of shoot.

    The setting below was ideal for the silver, blue and turquoise boho jewellery, teamed with blue clothing. In this close up shot the grey in the granite rocks behind Katya complemented the silver jewellery and matched the grain of the stones beautifully. These might be tiny elements that are not immediately obvious to the viewer, but even if your viewer doesn’t notice, it ties the image together.
    The colour of the granite matching the jewellery is no accident. Paying attention when choosing the perfect photography location, gives variety when shooting.
    We used the burnt remains of a forest as a backdrop, because the monotone blacks and greys of the charred trees complemented the black and white dress. The pops of green from the regrowth add life and color to offset potential monotony.
    Incidentally, this location was just off to camera left of the image at the top of the post, which leads me to my next point…
    We scouted the location with the clothing in mind. Then planned the order of the outfits to ensure an easy flow from one part of the location to the next. My assistant blocked the sun from hitting Xané directly with a 1 stop diffuser, so the light is diffused and harsh shadows are eliminated.



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