hi all,

Got an weird issue with a Vu+ Zero box, .
This Vu zero is connecting to my TV ( LG OLED C9) one HDMI 2
I have also have a AV preamplier connecting to the HDMI 1. The preamplifer is connected to a power amplifier using XLRs which than connected to my spears.
I have noticed for a while that when I turn on my amplifier the speakers do a pop sound for 1 second ( no hum, just a pop sound).

After doing some troubleshooting, it seems that the issue is related to the LNB grounding as if I take of the LNB cable, there is no pop sound.
Also If I remove the HDMI connecting the TV to the VU+ Zero box even with the LNB connected to the Vu+ Zero there is no pop sound.

Any ideas how to ground the LNB? or the HDMI out of the Vu+zero?

Many thanks