Samsung J7 Not Registered On Network
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    Default Samsung J7 Not Registered On Network

    Hi Everyone, I am having a problem with my Samsung phone. I am on 3 and the phone was working fine, I went to bed and then next day i woke up with no internet.

    I spoke to my network carrier, they said they will send a replacement sim. I used a temporary TESCO sim card and it all works fine, I have signal and all is good.

    So I put my replacement sim in and same problem Device Not Registered On Network.

    I reset APN, reset the phone to factory settings with no luck. Sim card is fine as i put it into an iphone and everything works.

    I have signal as i can see the bars move up and down, I use an app to see signal information and tells me I am connected to a 3 mass, signal strength etc
    Is their a glitch or something? Just wondering if anyone has had this problem with Samsung before?

    I tried all the solutions on google with no luck

    Many thanks
    I have started to encrypt my RAR attachments, If you don't say thanks then i wont help you again...

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    new sim cards are thinner than the old ones, you can try placing a thin piece of tape (or 2) to increase the thickness of the card. Contact plates in the sim reader bend away from the sim card (material stress and ageing ) and problems like yours may occur. Signal bar does not give correct information on samsung phones. TESCO card works so it is not the antenna, antenna amp or Baseband IC. new laws say that phone must connect to network even WITHOUT SIM for Emergency calls only (and probably government tracking )



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