Recovery pack for 3.02OE-A - 3.40OE-A
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    Default Recovery pack for 3.02OE-A - 3.40OE-A

    Well iv been seeing around that there are quite a few people updating there psp's to the custom firmware that Dark_Alex has provided us with. Many don't understand the recovery menu that well, nor do they know how to downgrade back to 1.5 via the recovery menu.

    -Why is this pack important?

    As soon as you update to the custom firmware its always a good idea to have the recovery files on your memory stick just in case anything were to happen that would intern brick your psp.

    -How to go back to 1.5 via custom firmware! the recovery pack
    2.extract the content in the recovery pack onto the computer the "RECOVERY" folder into the game folder of your psp
    4.obtain the 1.5 eboot. Rename it "UPDATE.pbp" and place it into the "RECOVERY" folder.
    5.Go to the recovery menu on your psp by turning off your psp. Then hold the R trigger and thus turn on your psp and you will be at the recovery menu. It should look like a purple screen.
    6.Go to the option "Run program as /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/EBOOT.PBP
    7.hit X and the process of the downgrade will begin.

    Hope this helps!
    Thanks to gunntims0103.
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