Hello, I had problems with my Skoda's dashboard recently (the whole dashboard died due to electrical problems and issues related to the immobilizer), and the whole dashboard was replaced with a dashboard from another car.

After the car repair shop changed the dashboard, a lot of indicators showed problems; most of the issues were solved by the technicians.

However, there was one issue that they did not solve. The car radio does not work and asks for a pin code instead.

I was told that I can go to official Skoda service and they will fix the problem for $$.

I thought I will ask you guys first - is there any way that I could recover the radio's pin code myself?

I have VCDS 18.9 with a cable from obd2cartool.com (I could update VCDS to a later version if necessary). Is there any way to recover the pin via VCDS?

Car is Skoda Octavia 2005 (IZ). The radio is the original one that came with Skoda.