Hello. Last time in Poland "pops and bangs" effect is very popular. Some people are chipping ECUs maps to give more fuel and get explosion from direct exhaust without catalisator on some revs level.
I have two opel astras, F and G model. In one of them is simple engine X16SZR with one-point injection, one coil. When i was bought this car, engine on 4200rpm gives cutoff and fuel goes out making explosion. When i was changed cables from coil to spark plug, car was back to work normally.
Some man who have similar engine in Daewoo Lanos cutted connection to coil and connected it to relay. When he's pressing button, coil goes off and injector gave fuel to cylinder. When pulls up the button, fuel fire and we have bang. Have you some ideas for modding like this? Don't worry about engine condition. Interfaces for chipping ECU's are to expensive. Or some not too expensive interface for KWP2000? I have old KKL and FT232RL modules.