Dear people,

I am quite new in this forum and I do not know all the information present but I create this post to know if some of you is able to refer me who could provide me a high quality formation about IMMO/dashboard/keys.

I am an automotive engineer, with experience as an engineer in SEAT, IDIADA, BMW and DIMSPORT; experience as an automotive technician (more than 5 years); and experience as a chiptuner. I work with DIMSPORT's machines (New Genius by OBDII and New Trasdata in bench) and sw (RACE2000).
But I have no enought knowledge to repair and modify IMMO, dashboard and keys, and I am really interested in going further.

I am located in Castelló, Spain (but I wouldn't care about travelling to get a course, of course!)

So if you know who could let me improve my ECU's knowledge, please let me know !!!

Many thanks in advance !!!^^