Hi all.

Have tried my luck on different Volvo forums, but thus far no luck.
Enough lyrics, back to business.
Volvo P3 cars (MY07-MY15) are quite similar, so it is possible to have some parts from latest models and with some magic they can be installed into first model lineup (MY07-12).
And Digital TFT instrument cluster is one of those parts which can be installed from >MY13 car into MY07-12 cars.

Only there is sort of problem.
After retrofitting new instrument cluster DSTC(ESP) cant be controlled - there no such a menu to operate traction control.
In original monochrome clusters MY07-12 DSTC (ESP) is controlled via menu, but in cars from MY12-15 control of DSTC is done via IHU (head unit) which cant be installed into cars MY07-12 without huge stack of bucks.
In some models etc XC90 which in general is P2 platform DSTC was operated via dedicated switch into climate control module (CCM) and on latest facelift models, they removed switch from CCM and operations was moved to turn signal lever (just like on first P3 models).
After digging into VIDA i find that P3 CCM switches are pretty much the same as P2 and after some work on switch configs (config is set by 4 resistors and depending on array they determ functionality) DSTC switch was successfully made.
Via VIDA diagnostics i see that car recognizes switch as DSTC, but it is not allowed by car configuration.
Anyone here with enough understanding how to trick car to accept this custom DSTC switch? I believe stock configs of options are listed in dedicated offset area in dump, but this time its not quite a stock change we need to change
Any advices, help welcomed