can anybody please help me out.

Ive just bought a EX5100 PVR of ebay.

Updated firmware successfully,
System information shows SW VER: 1.0 ST4 Jan 16 2009
H/W Ver: 2.0t k5 +D
Bootstrap v001
SW Build: Kuro

Done Scan, found hundreds of channels, freeview channels work fine.

Problem:: When I select a pay channel ie Disney Channel it says "Please wait, code being updated..." but is sits there for hours doing nothing.

Ive re-downloaded the firmware and update box, done resets and restores and re-scans. scan using 6.887..

Can anybody help, cant find any info anywhere for this problem..

Also, i have a MAX-V box, if i connect that in place of this do a scan using 6.887 it finds all channels and they are all fine and all viewable so i know its not code problem in my area (Hertfordshire).

Thanks guys if you can help